Colin Cowie, event coordinator of Oprah's 50th birthday party, who has
also done many celebrity weddings, (whom we've worked with several
times through the years), states that the entertainment you choose for
your wedding is responsible for 80-90% of the event's success and the
memories that you and your guests will have for the rest of your life. Colin
says that you owe it to your guests to give them a good time.
95% of all the DJs in Florida just spin music, never taking the party to the
level that it deserves. All major cities across the United States hire a
DJ/Entertainer to create an ambiance that engages your guests in a classy,
energetic, fun-filled event of a lifetime, that people will talk about for
years to come.
If you hire a DJ, you are sending a message to your guests, If you dance,
you dance, you don't, you don't." If you hire a DJ/Entertainer, you are
saying to your guests that I want you to dance and have fun at my party.
At your wedding, your once-in-a-lifetime event, the question is, what
message do you want to send to your guests?
Picture a room full of bored people. They are standing around in uncomfortable
suits, dresses, and tight shoes, shifting cold beverages from one hand to the
other, and quietly talking about the weather, or whatever comes to mind.
This is a party in need of a cure. And Entertainment Connection can fill the
             -Fun Times Publishing
Photo Courtesy of Verola Photography

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